Daemien Obeso: A Disturbing Case of Violence Against Children



Introduction to Daemien Obeso

Daemien Obeso, a name that recently became known under tragic circumstances, is at the center of a serious child abuse case. His sudden emergence in the news relates directly to the alleged abuse of a young child. The victim in this case is closely related to a well-known internet personality – Daddy Long Neck, a rapper who gained viral fame.

This case is not just about the individuals involved; it sheds light on broader issues of child safety and the responsibilities of caregivers. It’s a complex and sensitive story, one that has captured the attention of many due to its serious nature and the involvement of a public figure.

In this blog post, we will delve deeply into the events surrounding Daemien Obeso, examining the incident, the medical and legal ramifications, the impact on the victim’s family, and the wider societal implications. Our objective is to provide a detailed, clear, and comprehensive understanding of this case, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the topic.

Chronology of the Child Abuse Incident

The story of Daemien Obeso took a grim turn in 2022 when he became involved in a severe child abuse case. This incident, shrouded in both shock and sadness, unfolded over a series of events that left the public appalled. At the heart of this case is the victim, a 9-month-old baby, who is the son of the viral rapper, Daddy Long Neck.

It began when the child was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles, showing signs of severe distress. Medical examinations revealed that the baby had sustained critical injuries, including brain bleeding and skull fractures. These injuries were so severe that the medical team had to place the child on life support, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

The involvement of Daemien Obeso was soon brought to light, and the Montebello Police Department took swift action. Obeso was arrested and charged with child abuse causing great bodily injury. This arrest marked a pivotal point in the case, bringing to the forefront the seriousness of the charges against him.

The case sent ripples of concern through the community, as people tried to make sense of how such a tragedy could occur. It highlighted the vulnerability of children and the devastating consequences of abuse. This incident is not just a single event but a significant point in time that raises many questions about child safety, the responsibilities of adults, and the role of law enforcement in protecting the most vulnerable.

The repercussions of the child abuse incident involving Daemien Obeso are both medical and legal, each bearing its own gravity.

Medical Aftermath

  • The baby, being just nine months old, faced life-threatening injuries. Hospitalized in a critical condition, the extent of the harm done was severe. He suffered from brain bleeding and skull fractures, injuries so grave that they necessitated life support. This situation was alarming and highlighted the extreme nature of the abuse. Thankfully, reports later indicated that the child was off life support and showing signs of recovery. However, the long-term impact of these injuries remained a concern, with medical professionals closely monitoring his progress.

Legal Proceedings

  • Legally, the case against Daemien Obeso took a decisive turn when he was arrested and charged with child abuse causing great bodily injury. This charge is serious, reflecting the severity of the injuries inflicted on the child. His arrest by the Montebello Police Department was a critical step in seeking justice for the young victim.

Following his arrest, there was a significant development when Obeso was released on bond. This decision sparked discussions and concerns among the public about the legal process in such severe cases. The ongoing legal proceedings are closely watched, as they not only determine Obeso’s fate but also serve as a crucial point of reference for child abuse cases in general.

The dual aspects of this case – the medical and the legal – intertwine to paint a comprehensive picture of the incident’s impact. While the medical team worked tirelessly to ensure the child’s recovery, the legal system embarked on a path to ascertain accountability and justice. This case, thus, stands at the intersection of healthcare and law enforcement, underlining the importance of both in dealing with cases of child abuse.

Impact on Daddy Long Neck and His Family

The child abuse case involving Daemien Obeso has had profound effects on Daddy Long Neck and his family. Daddy Long Neck, whose real name is David Samuelson, is a rapper who gained viral fame for his unique appearance attributed to Marfan syndrome. This case brought a deeply personal and painful experience into his life.

Daddy Long Neck’s Reaction and Involvement

  • Upon learning of his son’s hospitalization, Daddy Long Neck was understandably distraught. He flew from Michigan to Los Angeles to be with his son, showcasing his dedication as a father in this dire situation. His active involvement in his son’s recovery process and his determination to be by his side was both heart-wrenching and commendable.

Child’s Recovery and Custody

  • The child’s recovery has been a ray of hope in this otherwise dark scenario. Reports indicated that the baby, after being released from the hospital, was staying with a foster family and showing signs of improvement. He was off the feeding tube and began to eat and drink on his own. Despite these positive developments, concerns about potential long-term effects lingered.

Daddy Long Neck has been exploring legal avenues to gain custody of his son, a move that underscores the gravity of the situation and his commitment to his child’s well-being. The custody situation remains a critical aspect of this case, reflecting the complexities that often arise in such scenarios.

Family Dynamics and Challenges:

  • This incident has also cast a spotlight on the dynamics within the family and the challenges they face. The separation of Daddy Long Neck and the child’s mother, followed by the mother’s relationship with Obeso, adds layers to the family’s story. It underscores the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for children, especially in the wake of family separations.

In summary, the impact of this case on Daddy Long Neck and his family extends beyond the immediate legal and medical concerns. It touches on the emotional, psychological, and familial aspects, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of such traumatic events.

Media and Public Response

The child abuse case involving Daemien Obeso quickly garnered widespread media attention and elicited a strong response from the public. The involvement of Daddy Long Neck, a viral internet personality, further amplified the coverage and public interest.

Media Coverage

  • The story was extensively covered by high-profile media outlets like TMZ and Daily News, as well as entertainment industry press, including BSO Entertainment and NFL sources. The media played a pivotal role in bringing the case to the public eye, often highlighting the severity of the abuse and the legal proceedings against Obeso.

Social Media’s Role: Social media platforms became a primary source of information and discussion about the case. Daddy Long Neck himself used his platform to update his followers and express his distress over the situation. His posts provided a personal and immediate account of the unfolding events, creating a direct connection with his audience.

Public Reaction

  • The public’s reaction to this case was one of shock and sympathy. Many expressed outrage over the alleged actions of Obeso and concern for the well-being of the child. Online communities rallied in support of Daddy Long Neck and his son, offering words of encouragement and calling for justice in the case.

This collective response underscores the power of media and social media in shaping public opinion and fostering community support. It also highlights the societal impact such cases can have, driving conversations about child safety and the responsibilities of adults in caregiving roles.

Broader Implications of the Case

The case surrounding Daemien Obeso and the abuse of Daddy Long Neck’s son extends beyond the individuals involved, highlighting several broader societal issues and sparking important discussions.

Societal Impact of Child Abuse

  • This case brings to the forefront the grim reality of child abuse. It serves as a distressing reminder of the vulnerability of children and the devastating impact abuse can have on their lives. It also raises awareness about the signs of abuse and the importance of vigilant caregiving.

The Role of Community Support: The widespread reaction to this incident underscores the crucial role of community support in such cases. From expressing outrage and sympathy to rallying behind the affected family, the community’s response can provide emotional support and aid in the healing process.

Importance of Protective Measures

  • The case has also sparked conversations about the need for stronger protective measures for children. It highlights the importance of effective legal and social systems that can intervene and provide safety in situations of abuse. This includes law enforcement, child protective services, and support systems for families in crisis.

Discussion on Legal and Healthcare Systems: Moreover, this case sheds light on the roles of legal and healthcare systems in addressing and managing child abuse. It raises questions about the adequacy of current laws and practices in protecting children and ensuring justice is served.

In conclusion, the Daemien Obeso case is not just an isolated incident but a reflection of larger societal issues. It has become a catalyst for conversations about child safety, the responsibilities of caregivers, and the collective role of society in protecting its most vulnerable members.


Q1. Who is Daemien Obeso?

  • Daemien Obeso gained public attention due to his involvement in a child abuse case concerning the son of viral rapper Daddy Long Neck.

Q2. What was Daemien Obeso accused of?

  • Daemien Obeso was accused of severely abusing the nine-month-old son of Daddy Long Neck, resulting in the child’s hospitalization with serious injuries including brain bleeding and skull fractures​​​​​​​​.

Q3. What were the legal consequences faced by Daemien Obeso?

  • Obeso was arrested and charged with child abuse causing great bodily injury. However, it was reported that he was released on bond after his arrest​​​​​​.

Q4. How did the incident involving Daemien Obeso come to light?

  • The incident gained attention after the child was hospitalized with severe injuries, leading to an investigation by the Montebello Police Department, which subsequently led to Obeso’s arrest​​​​.

Q5. What was the condition of Daddy Long Neck’s son after the incident?

  • The child was initially in a critical condition and placed on life support. Later reports indicated improvement in his condition, with him being able to breathe on his own and showing signs of recovery​​​​​​.

Q6. Has there been any update on the custody of Daddy Long Neck’s son?

  • Following the incident, the child was reported to be staying with a foster family. Daddy Long Neck has been exploring legal options to gain custody of his son​​​​.


In wrapping up our discussion on the Daemien Obeso case, it’s clear that this incident is a poignant reminder of the fragility of childhood and the dire consequences of abuse. While the legal proceedings against Obeso and the recovery of Daddy Long Neck’s son are critical aspects of this story, the broader implications resonate on a societal level.

This case highlights the need for continued vigilance, awareness, and action to protect children. It’s a call to action for all members of society to be alert to the signs of abuse, to support affected families, and to advocate for robust protective measures for children.

As we continue to follow this case, let’s use it as an opportunity to reinforce our commitment to creating a safer, more nurturing world for all children. Our collective efforts can make a significant difference in preventing such tragedies in the future.


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